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Poster: clementinescaboose Date: Oct 18, 2010 10:43pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Phish?

ouch, that vid is likely to offend some phish heads haha!

well i'm not going to get into the defensive rant thing TOO much, but i personally enjoy phish a lot. caught a show in '04 (my first) and a few on the comeback tour last year and this year and i very much enjoyed it.

when i first discovered Phish and the whole 'jam band' thing, i listened to them incessantly, like they were the last band on earth. i'm pretty sure i listened to Junta on a regular basis (almost every day) for over a year.

nowadays i just find myself listening to The Dead far more. i think it has to do with a number of factors (i.e. the variety of different years, availability and number of shows, etc., and just plain getting TIRED of Phish!) but if i had to be completely candid with myself i think The Dead are just better! its one of those things that's hard to put your finger on...explaining to someone exactly WHY you like a certain kind of music is not easy...but i guess it would be easier to explain why i just don't think phish is as good.

i completely sympathize with cliff's argument that they are repetitive in a sense, and personally i think it has a lot to do with the rigidity of many of their song's structures. many of Phish's early complicated pieces like Divided Sky and Slave to the Traffic Light just don't seem to have much room for jamming. its almost like listening to a bunch of Terrapins in a row...booooring. you can hear a big difference in the band's sound during there late '96-99 funk period where the song arrangements are looser and they open up a lot more. but even these jams don't do it for me quite like the best Dead jams.

Trey has a lot of energy and precision to his playing, but he just doesn't have half the creativity or soul of Garcia (something that we've all drilled home on here a lot i'm sure) and that might just be the big one for me. that and Page can suck even more soul out of their jams sometimes; his style just has a lot of harshness to it.

maybe i'm just burnt out on this band and haven't spent nearly as much time listening to their shows as the Dead, so i'm probably sounding like a bit of a newb to any Phish heads out there, but that's just my $0.02. i don't mean this to be all negative, either, i really like both bands a lot, but these are just some of the 'kicker' factors for me.

ok, rant over.

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